What is Ganotherapy?

What is the Ganotherapy

One of all methods of alternative, supplemental treatment is Ganotherapy. The underlying idea is that the “greatest doctor is our body“. While in optimal health, our body’s immune system can combat multiple illnesses simultaneously, knowing which ones to focus on first without experiencing any adverse side effects. The only reactions we witness or feel are as toxins are eliminated and diseases are treated. The Ganoderma mushroom’s fruit body and fungus are removed and used in Ganotherapy to enhance health.

Since the majority of people in the world, today are in a state of “pre-illness” due to stress, environmental pollution, and poor lifestyle choices such as eating foods high in fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt, and chemical additives, it is best to stop any health deterioration in these situations rather than look for a solution after the illness has demonstrated.

The treatment is based mostly on the Ganotherapy technique, which was developed by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, who is also the founder of DXN Pharmaceutical Sdn. Bhd. The business makes six different varieties of Ganoderma. The creation of Ganoderma utilising a precise replica of the original plant. This is done to maintain control over the best species. DXN uses this kind of organic cultivation with completely chemical-free farming, including no insecticides, hormones, or fertilisers. Paddy, brown rice powder, and other highly nutritive agricultural techniques were employed to create the blend.

All products have been certified by the appropriate certifications, including KKM, TGA, ISO14001, HACCP, ISO9001, HALAL, GMP, and others. This ensures that the medicinal characteristics and product quality are carefully considered. Currently, the Ganoderma that Malaysia exports are beneficial to more than 180 countries. The “king of plants” is known as Ganoderma. Due to the substantial natural content of essential nutrients, this can be searched on any website.

More than 400 bioactive substances, including polysaccharides, triterpenoids, fatty acids, amino acids, nucleotides, proteins, alkaloids, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, are found in Ganoderma Lucidum. These substances are crucial for the body’s development into a robust and healthy structure. The following are the five critical ingredients in Ganoderma that have medicinal advantages. Ganoderma is a unique plant since it contains five active ingredients in a single herb.

The 4 Basic Principles of Ganotherapy

The four basic principles as being prescribed clearly in the Ganotherapy book. The guidelines are outlined below:

1) Toxins in our bodies and imbalanced bodily functioning are the two main causes of illness.

2) Ganoderma boosts immunity and helps to regulate our biological systems, but it does not treat sickness.

3) Any reactions are brought on by our bodily systems, not by consuming Ganoderma.

4) The amount of Ganoderma taken has no bearing on illnesses.

The fundamental qualities are excellent for boosting the human body’s fortification and disease-fighting capacity. More than 20,000 research articles and publications have been published worldwide due to extensive research on the subject. The many necessary vitamin and mineral components found in Ganoderma are detailed is the journal.

As regular people, we completely disregard our immune system’s capability to fend against viruses or bacteria-based illnesses. By itself, the body serves as the best doctor. When our body’s immune system is functioning at its best, it can fight multiple diseases at once, determining which ones to treat first and doing so without causing any negative side effects. We all notice or experience the reactions as poisons are removed, and illnesses are treated.

According to ancient quotations, holistic medicine was practised 2500 years ago. We all appear to have forgotten about the results and treatments of this holistic approach. Every day, a large number of people celebrate turning 100. They have a powerful immune system, which allows them to survive in this world. Humans used a comprehensive method 5000 years ago to treat them as nourishment in their daily life cycles. Everything has been planned out well, including how we eat and drink. No animal is eating or drinking water at the exact moment, according to an analysis employing animals.

Although fish in the sea eat without drinking water, it only eats and drinks when it feels hungry or thirsty. You may use an operating system to detect the presence of water. This is merely an illustration of some research using animals, not people, who consume food and liquids in accordance with established protocol. Our bodies can treat the majority of diseases by quitting this behaviour. This is one of the knowledge transfer strategies employed by the so-called human holistic system.

Stages in Ganotherapy

There are several stages in Ganotherapy.

Stage 1Scanning (1-30 days)

Ganoderma regulates the body’s functions. The scanning impact will manifest at the initial intake in several bodily reactions, allowing us to identify the affected body parts.

Stage 2: Cleansing –Detoxification (1-30 weeks)

1. Our bodies acquire toxins such as uric acid, too much cholesterol, fat and calcium deposits, bad tissue, and other substances.
2. These methods help our body rid itself of toxins: o Perspiring o The kidneys and liver are then excreted through urination and stool. o Boils, rashes, coughing up mucus, and phlegm

Stage 3: Regulating (1- 12 months)
1. Ganoderma’s balancing impact aids in controlling bodily functions.
2. During regulation, numerous reactions can be seen. One need not be concerned about this because it indicates the body is mending.
3. Reishi Gano should continue to be consumed (RG).
4. If the reaction is too strong, increase or decrease your intake of ganocelium (GL)
5. Resuming the usual dosage once the reaction has subsided or been resolved. Continue giving the dose even though the response might return.

Stage 4: Construction (6 -24 months)
1. This is the process of repairing and regenerating damaged or injured body parts.
2. Increasing illness resistance by boosting the immune system, physical fitness, and mental clarity.
3. Providing the body with necessary substances, such as minerals and triterpenoids, to aid in restoring bodily processes.

Stage 5: Regeneration (1 – 3 years)
1. Ganotherapy’s main objective is to achieve this.
2. The process keeps our bodies operating at their peak potential and has a renewing effect (restoring youthful appearance, strength and peace of mind).

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